Garuda Project

Wireless Intrusion Detection System on 802.11 layer 2


Garuda 0.2.1 released ( 25 June 2004 )

 - support some unofficial wireless device


Garuda 0.2.0 released ( 23 June  2004 )

 - mysql support feature added

 - config file adaped for convenience

 - fixed a little problem of detection against rogue AP


 Various security forums introduced about garuda ( June 14, 2004)

 Various security forums introduced garuda WIDS at their forum.

World wided famous security community Packetstormsecurty and Securiteam posted news about garuda and copy of garuda released. Korean famous security community and posted garuda related news with local copy too.


 Garuda 0.1.0 released  at (June 3, 2004)

 main developer of garuda decided to publish garuda project to public


Garudas lazy News


Date: 2004-6-14