Garuda Project

Wireless Intrusion Detection System on 802.11 layer 2


Signature based with portable rule

Database log management

High performance and accuracy assurance

Enterprise administration


> Detecting War-Driving devices using Netstumber or Pocket Warrior

> Detecting Null probing

> Detecting Denial of Service Attack

> Detecting MAC Spoofing users

> Detecting Rogue AP

> Detecting attacks on layer 2, layer 3, layer 4 and upper layer

> Statistics and Session information support



 It is a progressive proof of concept project to ward off wireless threats such as war-drivers, rogue AP, wifi DoS and MAC spoofing attacks.

 and it provides wireless statistics and enumerations for wireless objects (stations), even session monitoring

 database support will be added for ESM

Open Source project with BSD License

Logo of garuda WIDS 2004


Tel : +82-2-837-2010

Fax : +82-2-837-1336

e-mail : truefroggie[at]