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Wireless Intrusion Detection System on 802.11 layer 2


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Wireless Threats

 Wireless sniffing ( Monitoring)

 MAC address ppoofing against open authentication

 WEP key cracking

 MITM ( Man in the middle attack )

 War driving ( NULL Probing and AP scanning )

 Direct anonymous access

 Denial of service attack against 802.11 wireless protocol (association, authentication, etc )

 Denial of service attack by physical signal against access point and wireless assets

 Various vulnerabilities of AP itself ( ex, input validation error  makes attacker could access  administrators mode, configuration mode of AP )

 Unknown errors which could be occur when various type of wireless transmission test is processing ( this errors may be dependant to vendors  )

Whats the Wireless Threats ?


 The vulnerabilities of wireless threats are based on especially draft of  IEEE 802.11. at the mention of wireless threats, a lot of specialist said this problems are caused by what it was designed for home network, though it increased  to adapt  market of enterprise environment .

and following list is shown what these are in detail .


A List of Wireless Threats